CROATIA/SERBIA - War crimes, its a question of which side you are on

Just some days ago “democratic west” celebrated it’s “victory against injustice” by sentencing the suspected war criminal Ratko Mladić, the former commander of Bosnian Serbian army to life in prison.

How hypocritical this behavior is, is shown by the behavior of the ministry of defense of the Republic of Croatia in this days towards a lawsuit of a victim of war crime. Concrete: While the war that crush Yugoslavia a woman got imprisoned and ten times raped by Croatian military. Towards her lawsuit the ministry for defense declared that they wont recognize the status of the raped women because she didn’t showed a medical documentation. They also use other “excuses” like “the victim doesn’t lives in Croatia” so they don’t need to be busy with it. Now the two accused men got sentenced to jail for only 2 years. This is a joke for all victims of war crimes and at the same time the maximum you can reach. The behavior of Croatian government proves that it’s not a question of guilt, it’s a question of which side you are on. War criminals that opposed the interests of western imperialists are sentenced to jail by their courts (International Criminal Court) and those that fight for them have the right to do whatever they want.

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