KOSOVO - Imperialists increasing actions in Balkans

Last week, the US-Imperialism has made it’s plans to intensify activity on the Balkans public. A conference was held in Washington, which concluded that the KFOR-Mission in Kosovo would now be in action long-term and more soldiers will be sent there. The US already have their biggest military base in Europe called “Bondsteel” placed in Kosovo, with up to 7000 soldiers. They’ve justified their moves with “preventive Anti-Terror” action in the Muslim part of Bosnia and to prevent foreign investors to be “scared away”. The US is hurrying up to increase their influence on the Balkans as more and more of the oppressed South-East-European countries are being integrated into the European Union, making it easier for the Imperialist EU-Members to increase their profit taken from this region.

Austria, one of the seemingly smaller Imperialists, is one of the biggest Imperialists in the Balkan countries. They, too are in the race for a bigger piece of the Balkans Profit.

Their Interests in this region are shown openly, for example by propaganda in the Austrian media, where there are articles about the Austrian soldiers serving in Kosovo over Christmas. Also, an article was published with an Interview with the Major General Salvatore Cuoci, who commands the military Troops stationed in Kosovo. He has pointed out Austrias big role on the Balkans, saying they have the 4th biggest contingent stationed in Kosovo, they’re in charge of the exercise troops, logistics and clarification, saying that “Austrians are everywhere”.

The imperialists send their troops to intersect their interests by all means, trying to keep the masses on the Balkans exploited and oppressed.

This is why the parole of Austrian revolutionaries “ Withdrawal of all Austrian Troops from all foreign countries!” is correct and justified!

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