PALESTINE: Rising tensions

Recently the president of the United States, Donald Trump, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This reactionary move acts as a symbol, and is aimed to strengthen the Zionist occupation of Palestine, by giving the reactionary apartheid state political support. Jerusalem is the historic capital of Palestine, and plays an important role in the conflict between the Palestinian people and the Israeli Occupation. The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel opens the way for even further occupation and oppression and neglects international treaties and also makes an two state solution impossible.

The people of Palestine, which are struggling against the occupation and the massive oppression for decades, answered immediately. By morning of Thursday, December 7th the Palestinians started a general strike, all public institutions, shops, schools and banks stayed closed, to protest this decision of the imperialist Yankee government and the progressing occupation of Palestine. The Palestinian people has a long tradition of armed struggle and organizing against the occupation and imperialism. They oppose a highly militarized and repressive regime. For every Palestinian it’s totally clear that only the armed struggle is able to defeat oppression, exploitation and occupation.

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