FRANCE - Our warmest Red Salute on Comrade Pierre!

Pierre, a French comrade who was in struggle for long time, who have made many merits for the revolutionary movement and who has given his life for revolution, passed away on the 2th of December at an age of 81. For his life and his deeds he deserves our red salutes!

Many condolences on Comrade Pierre have been done the last days, in the following we publish the salutes of the “Building Committee of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia”, “Tjen Folket” from Norway, the “Pcm Italy” and the “Revolutionaire Eenheid“ of Netherlands on the death of Comrade Pierre.

Source: Maoist Road


On December 4 we received the sad news of the death of Comrade Pierre, this report has shocked all the members of the BC of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia. Comrade Pierre, who hoisted the Maoism flag in France while those who claimed to be communists took refuge in parliamentary cretinism or in their couches of intellectuals. Comrade Pierre, that when the LOD began and all the lies and cock-and-bull stories against the PCP, buntly defended the revolutionary line marked by Chairman Gonzalo. Comrade Pierre, who struggled tirelessly for building the Maoist Communist Party, now an organization that follows the path of the Revolution. Comrade Pierre, that when the revisionists and pseudo-revolutionaries criticized and ran away the Banlieues revolt, was present and struggling along with the rebellious youth of those neighborhoods. Comrade Pierre, who always worked tirelessly for the unity of the Maoists around the world, will not be able to see this unity, but in his name and in the name of so many comrades who have left their lives for the People’s War and for the World Proletarian Revolution, the Maoists will tirelessly struggle for that unity. As the comrades of Brazil say: Camarada Pierre presente na luta!! Comrade Pierre was a reference for our organization due to his determination and ability to work despite his age. Comrade Pierre was the anvil where many Maoists were forged with the invincible steel of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, they, who now will be multiplied, after his death, with the conviction that the future of the French proletarian youth and the world will be a bright future in a red world of the proletariat. From the BC of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia we want to show our condolences with his partner, friend and comrade, as well as with all comrades of the Maoist Communist Party of France.

Honor and Glory to Comrade Pierre!!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!!

Building Committee of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia Galicia December 5, 2017

Red salute to the living memory of Comrade Pierre

Pierre, a long time Maoist activist in France, has passed away in a age of 81. Tjen Folket send our condolences to his family and the Maoist Communist Party (PCM) of wich he was a leading activist. In the event of a comrade passing, we put forward Mao Zedongs words “To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai”. Pierre lived for the people – he was an activist in the 1968-rebellion, in the ML-movement of the 1970thies, he was part of the establishing of a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist centre in France and he was still an activist till the end. Tjen Folket did not know Pierre well, but some of our activists actually met him not long before he passed away. We are happy for this, since it is always inspiring to meet people who have dedicated a whole life to the struggle. He asked questions and made remarks, about social-imperialist China, imperialist aggression in the Middle East – and he told about the mass work and political line of PCM. The Maoist movement is a young movement. But already, we have many martyrs from all corners of the world. Pierre was a veteran of the former communist movement, but he lived in the present, not in the past.

Red salute to Comrade Pierre! Red salute to his family, friends and comrades! Fight in the spirit of Comrade Pierre, long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Tjen Folket Norway


Comrade Pierre is dead - we are at the side of the French comrades and embrace his life partner.

This extraordinary Marxist Maoist Marxist communist comrade left us after a damn fall. We are shattered by this irremediable loss for us and the international communist movement.

Comrades like him, who never gave up, who continued until the last drop of energy fighting for the ideological, theoretical, political and organizational construction of the Communist party in his country, traveling, because he was “internationalists inside”, to incessantly participate in any international event serving the cause of the revolution and the Communist International, who was daily engaged in the struggle of the working class and any revolutionary ferment, who won youth, who never lose their propaganda enthusiasm, those who make the history of the recent difficult years for the construction of genuine communist parties, those who make the history, the true one of the current international communist movement.

With neither senile arrogance or childish sectarian ideologism, with tenacity and modesty, these comrades mark the irresistible march of the proletariat.

For a time he was the only one to lead the battle but ever felt alone, because he was all the time in the front row in the class struggle and had on the shoulders and in the heart the historical strength of the past Communist movement and the confidence that the future belongs to us. An impressive comrade, for his long militancy that has gone through at least half a century of the communist struggle in France and the last thirty years of the Maoist Marxist-Leninist communist movement. A comrade at our side since the first day we met him until the last time we met in Italy in September 2017.A comrade we will honor properly in our organization and in the national and international workers and communist movement. A comrade to whom we will dedicate an important part of the 2018 – the 50th anniversary of '68, triggered by the 'French May' - a comrade from which we will not get tired to learn. Because it has never been so true that “Pierre lives and struggles with us!”

Long live the Maoist Communist Party of France founded by him.

Honor and glory to the indefatigable militant and Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist leader. Long live proletarian internationalism. Long live the world socialist revolution.

his Italian Maoist comrades PCm Italy December 4, 2017

Revolutionaire Eenheid salutes comrade Pierre, he is immortal!

Our comrade Pierre is has passed away. A revolutionary since the ’68 uprisings in France, he passed away on Monday morning 4 December at the age of 81. He died of the consequences of a terrible fall off the stairs of the subway on the Saturday before, just after a demonstration. It is with great sadness that we heard the news of our fallen comrade. Comrade Pierre was a dedicated revolutionary, always busy with political work in all its different forms. He was on the streets of his neighborhood, working with the proletariat around him. He was at the protests whenever they were there, up until his death. He was a theoretician and building a party, the PCM in France, according to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, one of the strongest in the imperialist ‘belly of the beast’. It is through all of his work, his tirelessness and his selflessness that he will be remembered. Comrade Pierre was in the Netherlands a couple of months ago. His energy, steadfastness and dedication to the worldwide proletarian revolution was clear to everyone who met him. At the same time comrade Pierre was humble and sober, stripped from the petit-bourgeois lifestyle that so many of us are stubbornly holding on to. The passing away of comrade Pierre makes us sad. This is normal. But let us turn this sadness into action – that is what comrade Pierre would have wanted us to do. Let us carry the life and spirit of comrade Pierre in our everyday lives. Let us undo ourselves from petit-bourgeois lifestyles and ideologies. Let us be dedicated revolutionaries of the proletariat that will never stop until exploitation and oppression are a thing of the past. Let us fight for the worldwide proletarian revolution until communism!

Carry on the life and spirit of comrade Pierre in the worldwide proletarian revolution, he is immortal! Comrade Pierre, presente! Long live the worldwide proletarian revolution!

Revolutionaire Eenheid