EUROPE: Anti-slavery protests

It is well known that slavery isn’t something past. Slavery has never died out fully and with the deepening crisis of imperialism and the presence of several ongoing wars all over Africa it’s growing enormously in this region. Fighting against slave traders means risking your life. Although there is strong resistance in Africa and since some time a growing one in Europe.

On the 20th of November thousands of people, mostly migrants form Africa or their children demonstrated all over Europe against nowadays slavery. In Brussels (capital of Belgium) the police attacked the demonstrators and arrested 16 of them, but they fought bravely against the police. They do so because they know well who their enemy is like on demonstrator said “The slavers are the European Union.”

This is true. Some liberal “democratic” or self called “left” people call slavery a problem of countries like Lybia, while it is obvious that it happens under the control of the imperialists. Slaves from Africa are being sold in Libya to owners all over Europe where they stay slaves till they die. Only in the UK there are expected 13.000 slaves and authorities doe nothing against this.

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