INDIA: Successful actions of the people‘s war

Last week on Wednesday and Friday the Peoples Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) carried out attacks in Bihar and Palamu. In Bihar’s Gaya district an unit of the revolutionary armed forces torched four vehicles of the Phulpur-Hadia natural gas pipeline project and beat up guards who where deployed to protect the construction site. They also threatened the contractor with severe consequences if he did not stop the work. After this attack the Guerrillas retreated without casualties, shouted revolutionary slogans and dropped leaflets in which they commemorated fallen comrade Kischenji, who was a member of the politburo of the CPI(maoist). Also in Palamu the PLGA torched a vehicle, which was supplying an outpost of the reactionary “security” forces who are carrying out raids on villages on order to suppress the revolutionary movement. The comrades of the PLGA did harm the driver of the tractor but made clear that they will tolerate any support of the repressive forces.

This actions are part of the people’s war, the revolutionary war of the Indian masses against Imperialism, against the oppression of the people and the destruction of the country and exploitation of the natural resources by imperialists and the old reactionary state of India. The people’s war which is led by the Communist Party of India (maoist) is the way of overthrowing the power of the imperialist monopoly companies and their flunkies, who are oppressing the people for their own profits. The success of this and many other actions of the armed people’s masses and the fact that their very often are able to retreat without casualties afterwards, shows how strong the support of the masses of the population for the people’s war actually is. This is also demonstrated as the Guerrillas are able to dive into the masses after such military operations and therefore can avoid any countermeasures of the repressive forces.

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