SERBIA - “We were and we will be!”  25 anniversary of Partija Rada (Party of Labor)

At the end of October Partija Rada from Serbia celebrated the 25 anniversary of it’s founding. On this occasion we translated extracts of the document Partija Rada published recently. Partija Rada is an antiimperialist and revolutionary organization and is playing an role in the struggle against imperialism in Serbia and other neighboring countries. Partija Rada also struggles to establish the red line in it`s region.

“The Party of Labor is an organization of those without rights and that want to struggle against the dictatorship of the capital and imperialism. We were determined for peace and against war between the Yugoslavian people. We clearly stood up against nationalism, especially great Serbian nationalists which were the main forward leading actors in the war in Yugoslavia and we were especially against them because they were the biggest power – in the question of military, material, in numbers and they had JNA (Yugoslavian Peoples Army) on their side……. We were for a return of all refugees to their homes in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia and we accused the policy of ethnic cleanings.”

“Today we are together with all those without rights which are slowly raising their voice and go out on the streets, trying to encourage them to organized and more radical class struggle."

"Today we are especially on the position to construct the Balkan-resistance movement as only power with which you can resist the existing dictatorship of capital and the existing imperialist robbery.”

“Death to the dictatorship of capital! Death to imperialist occupation! Stand with the Balkan-resistance movement!”

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