ZIMBABWE - Mass protests against the President and unemployment

On the 15th of November Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe was taken to arrest. Since then mass protests occurred over the whole country. On the 18th and 19th the protests against president Mugabe increased, around 100.000 people went on the streets, to struggle against the current situation.

The masses protest against corruption, the suppression of the people and especially the high unemployment rate. Around 80% of the people in Zimbabwe are unemployed. They lost their illusions in the president, which was the leader in the struggle for independence in 1980. He is a lackey of the imperialists and he is in office as president since more than 35 years. The people also struggle against his feudal method to give the leadership to one of the family members.

The military supported the opposition of Mugabe and helped to arrest him. The military also said that the protests against Mugabe are justified. That the opposition and the military also doesn’t represent the interest of the masses, was shown very good at the protests. They said the protests are justified, but only without violence, only peacefully. When the protesters wanted to storm Mugabes house, the police came and fought against them. The police and military tried to shut down the protests by using tear-gas and brutal violence. But the protests do not break off!