GERMANY – Repression against activists of the struggles against G20!

Seven people which had been struggling against the G20 are still in prison, since the beginning of July 2017. For the next week there will be the next trials. One of the political prisoners is the 18 years old Fabio from Italy. He is in awaiting trial since July without any evidence for a criminal act.

The German bourgeoisie continues its openly antidemocratic and fascistic course against the revolutionary movement and the people, which it already started on a new level during the protests against the G20. During the protest in July thousands of people stand together against imperialism and many actions to support the struggling masses in Hamburg took place all over the world!

Also these days there are many actions of solidarity to the prisoners of the struggles against G20 in Hamburg. It is an important demand in the meaning of internationalism: Free the political prisoners of the struggle against the G20!

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