MACEDONIA – Membership of EU and NATO

Macedonia is going to join the European Union (EU) and the NATO. The EU commission considered last week, that this could happen in spring 2018. The new government of the social democratic premier Zoran Zaev is forcing the membership of EU and NATO. This government is a good servant for the imperialist interests of the EU.

In February the EU commission will present the strategy for West-Balkan, which reforms in Macedonia, among others, has to be done. All these reforms and development for EU and NATO membership is against the people in Macedonia – although Macedonia is already oppressed by imperialism, the EU and NATO membership will worsen more the situation. The efforts of the EU in Macedonia have to be seen within the contradiction between the “western” imperialist and the Russian imperialism, it serves for the imperialists of EU to strength their power and influence!

Say no to European Union and NATO!

Struggle against Imperialism!