EU - Towards militarism and rearmament

With the singing of a contract, 23 of 28 states of the European Union are making way for an own military defense of the EU. The so called PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) is an cooperative military force of the leading imperialist countries inside the EU. It gives them new possibilities for a faster and better coordination in military questions.

The PESCO will develop more independence of the US Imperialism, it forces the member of EU to investigate much more to the defense budget and to take part in military actions.

The members of PESCO are tied to some commitments, which are close to the commitments of the NATO members. So for example they have to increase the defense budget regularly. They have to hold up joint and strategic military projects, which will be sponsored by the European defense funds. To increase the distribution for science of military interests. A closer cooperation in questions of cyber defense. And also that every state has to make troops for the EU Battle groups available.

Also, the singing of the contract strengthen the position of the BRD Imperialism in its efforts for the leading force inside the EU. Also a member of PESCO is the imperialistic state Austria. Austria has the specific that after the second World War the state has been declared as so called "neutral" (it says that it is forbidden to take part on military action). The Austrian bourgeoisie is working hard to solve this problem and in the last years the attacks on this topic are focusing very open. With the sining of the contract they went on further.

The PESCO will tighten up the aggression against the oppressed people, but it will also tighten up the struggles against imperialism!

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