NIGERIA - Biafras boycott Anambra elections successfully

On the 18th of October, the Nigerian government held elections in Anambra state, a territory that is part of Biafra. Biafra is a nation that is oppressed and occupied by Nigeria. The Biafras (the people of Biafra) boycotted this elections like they do in general with elections from Nigerian state, because they don´t recognize the Nigerian state, instead they are struggling for their independence. This is totally correct. Biafra people know well that they have no rights in this oppression. Tenthousands of them got killed by Nigerian state in 1966 and since then repression goes on. The state tries to convince them they shall participate in elections, but this is ridiculous. The electoral boycott for the Anambra elections was a success. Almost nobody went there, a fact the Nigerian state is trying to deny. Even though short after the end of the elections there came up news, that the elections will be rescheduled because of the boycott. On election day there also exploded five bombs in five different cities of Anambra.

Biafra is the region most of Nigerian crude oil (the main income of the state) comes from, but the people of Biafra see nothing from this. While big imperialist Companies like Shell and corrupt politicians annually earn billions of $, the people starve on hunger and environmental pollution caused by oil industry. The electoral boycott is an important weapon of the people that needs to be used by every progressive force! The electoral boycott carried out by the people of Biafra shows us once again the strength of this weapon!

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