BRAZIL – US-Imperialism is increasing military forces

The main enemy of all people, the US-Imperialism is increasing its directly military force in its oppressed countries in Latin-America. After an invitation of the very good and loyal marionette Temer, the president of Brazil, us-military hold up an maneuver in the east part of the Amazons region. It's called Operation Amazonlog17. It is at the direct border of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. The leading force of this operation will be the USA, under their command a lot of militaries of South America and the Caribbean area will take part. Especially with Brazil the US Imperialism is focusing on more direct military instructions control. In the last months they sent a lot of high miliaries for meetings to Brazil.

It won't be done with this maneuver, the US Imperialism is planning to put up a new military base in this area. It will be beside an base of the DEA in Colombia and one military base in Peru, the third in a very close area. It is of high importance for them, in one point that the region of the Amazons has direct borders to nine countries. And as the main aspect they are forced to concentrate more of their military in this area of the world as an reaction to the very good developments of the revolutionary forces. The main contradiction, imperialism against the suppress people and nations, is in this area directly focused against the US Imperialism. But as we know - imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers!