AUSTRIA - International Event on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution

In the light of the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution an international celebration in Austria took place, in which more than 100 revolutionaries, political activists and communists participated with great enthusiasm. Many speeches and international cultural contributions illustrated that the spirit and the principles of the October Revolution did not lost validity, but are taken up strongly today, in the struggle of the oppressed and exploited around the world, with the peoples war at its top.

With several participants from Latin America and Europe, which presented speeches and cultural contributions, as well as an international theater, which brought the October Revolution alive on the stage, these festive event got an great example of Internationalism. With pleasure and liveliness this anniversary got celebrated, with the impetus to take up the revolutionary way, to support with all one‘s strength the constitution of Communist Parties an to take the tasks with the revolution sets today. Thereby at the center stood the powerful slogan of Lenin „Everything is deception, except for the power!“.

The celebration showed that progressive parts of the masses spent much force and energy to take this event as an mighty expression of their struggle. The cultural contributions stretches from an Hip-Hop interlude, over to a spoken word presentation, a workers choir up to an revolutionary theater.

The successful festive event was an important victory for the revolutionary forces. It gave strength and confidence to master the upcoming tasks with new drive and to make an contribution for the development of the new wave of World Proletarian Revolution, for the final smash of the imperialist word system, in the spirit of internationalism.

Long live the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution!

Long live proletarian Internationalism!

Thanks to the “Committee New Epoch”, we can publish their speech from the celebration:

Dear comrades,

Today is a really great day and full of enthusiasm we to celebrate this great day in form of a cultural event with you comrades. It is the 100th anniversary of the great socialist October revolution. Together with the struggling masses of the world and especially with the revolutionaries and communists we commemorate this changing historical event after which nothing was as it was before. 100 years ago the proletariat, under the leadership of the Bolsheviks, took the power in Russia and smashed the old order of exploitation and oppression. It was the founding day of the first state of the proletariat in the world, in which the oppressors had no power anymore but the oppressed held the in their hands!

The October revolution started a new epoch for all humanity: the epoch of proletarian world revolution. It sent a fire out in the world which was taken by the proletariat of all lands and the oppressed peoples and was lifted even further up by chairman Mao and chairman Gonzalo. The most progressive forces of the international communist movement are united through the struggle of pointing out his enormous importance. The October revolution is no historic event of the past, it lives on in the struggles against oppression and exploitation, especially through the peoples wars!

In all areas of social live the October revolution started a new time period, and liberated the creative power of the oppressed masses. The October revolution exploded not only the chains of economic and political slavery of the masses and the working class, but also the chains of intellectual slavery. Lenin the great leader of October revolution justifiably said: “Damn intellectual slavery! The proletariat has ended this treachery, which suffocated all alive and all fresh and new!” A wave of new proletarian culture became an announcer of the victory of the October Revolution and and developed itself to a creative force of the new live, the new politics of the Soviet Union. At an international level this new creation, the proletarian cultural movement, inspired the working class and following this example the oppressed accomplish great steps to give on the field of culture an contribution on the revolution. The longing of the Masses, to serve an all formes of cultural live the revolution, was expressed for example in China, where every unit of the Red Army had an own cultural unit, or in proletarian cinema, which was born in Sowjet-Union and also abroad it developed as a mass phenomenon which serves also to spread the victory of the October revolution under the masses. A law system which serves the Revolution and the proletarian dictatorship, workers brigades which based on voluntary work for the socialist construction, or the struggle against patriarchy, which got smashed step by step...all of these examples are the product of the creative power of the masses, which again and again proves that the masses are the true heroes of history, also on the field of culture. Not any longer the proletariat accepted the decadent bourgeois culture and with that it shows that the proletariat has in every question an own way to develop, that the proletariat in revolutionary struggle will create and form itself as a new.

In the Chinese Revolution cultural work also played an gradely important role. Comrade chairman Mao Zedong already pointed out in the first period of revolution, that the liberation struggle of the Chinese people is led in different fronts, but two fronts he specially mentioned: The cultural front and the battlefront. If we give up or underestimate one of these fronts, the Chinese Revolution can not be fully victorious, Mao said. How important this analyses was, was shown in the beginning of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution when the ideological struggle between communists and the new “red” exploiters got sharpened and the struggle unlashed in the question of culture, by a theater play and in the study work. The red forces in socialist china showed, that the expression on which side the so called “Communists” are on, if they serve the Exploiters or the broad masses on their way to liberation, gets also specific clear in the culture. This shows that the prime and quality of a conscious forming, red proletarian culture depends on the quality of its leadership, and so in the end of the quality of the Communist Party. In revers the communists in China and the Sowjet-Union made an example showing that the development in the cultural question is significant for the Quality of every communist party and with that for every the reconstitution of the communist party. With mighty power the October Revolution showed that only the communist party could lead to the liberation of the working class and the masses, it has an own solution in every question and fulfills the tasks for the revolution. The new culture, new politics and new economy, so the whole new power have to be led by the communist party, because it has the scientific knowledge on the historical determination, it is the most concentrate expression of the highest quality of revolutionary struggle.

In every country we find today a rich cultural heritage which proves the enormous creative power of the proletariat and the masses. In its struggles and in its revolutionary activity, they form its own cultural expression, form their own identity. This great heritage, the creative power of the Great Socialist October Revolution and the struggles which were inspired all around the world, have to be taken up threw the communists as their heritage. This heritage is tradition and mission at the same time. Connected with the today third, highest and last stage of the proletarian ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, this heritage will be based on a new quality a enormous force for the communists in its urgent task of reconstitute the communist party and to develop the revolution.

Red proletarian culture is not an historical heritage we use just in the sense of folklore. Especially the Sowjet-Union is an excellent example for the great importance of the conscious created, red line in the cultural question to strengthen the connecting with the masses, to develop them and to raise their level to unlash their revolutionary force. This task is an very important task and we can not treat it like an minor matter, to do so would mean that we do not strongly take up and hold high the teachings of the October Revolution as a mighty force to serve the reconstitution of the communist party today, but to treat the October Revolution as a piece of dead history and within to negate its nature.

With this cultural event today to honor the Great Socialist October Revolution we are the living prove for the first forms of red, proletarian culture which is developing in Europe again. Today we come together to never forget, and take up strongly, the goal and the teachings of the Great Socialist October Revolution “Everything is deception, except for the power!”. The goal which unites us is the political power of the proletarians and so today we want to serve with all our strength the reconstitution of the Communist Party. This celebration today is given for our common historically goal by celebration the signal fire of the Great Socialist October Revolution, due to our cultural contributions and to strongly base on its teachings, those we want to give an expression with our contribution as best as possible, to serve the reconstitution of the Communist Party. In the deepest sense of proletarian internationalism we today send our red salutes to all the celebrating and struggling all over the world, to the revolutionaries and communists and we are following the mighty call to battle from Lenin: Everything is deception, except for the power!

Workers of all countries and oppressed nations, unite!

Long live the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October revolution!

Long live the world proletarian revolution!

Committee New Epoch,

October 2017

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