TOGO - Massprotests against Gnassingbé dynasty

In the centralafrican country Togo Gnassingbé family is ruling for 50 Years. Eyadema Gnassingbé ruled the country for 38 years and his son (the actuall president) for 12 years. There have already been a lot of protests against Gnassingbé dynasty, but since August there are again huge countrywide mass-protests. Only on one day 800.000 people demonstrated. This is about 12% of the total population of Togo.

The government is using a lot of repression methods to stop the protests. They blockade the internet to stop informations and police forces attack demonstrators. This led to a lot of injured and two death demonstrators. Although the government has shot down big parts of the capital, it is unable to control the situation. Further more demonstrators are going into offensive with burning houses of people who support the dictator.

The people of Togo are fighting bravely against the dictatorship that labels itself as democratic (A lie that’s being repeated by “democratic” western world).

Let us support the justified struggle of the people of Togo and learn from it, that ruling class isn’t invincible!