CZECH REPUBLIC - People says no to Euro-currency

In Czech Republic a lot of capitalists and companies are trying to replace the Czech-Krone by the Euro. All bordering countries are part of the EU and almost all also of the Euro-zone. What this currency change would bring, can be seen in the countries which already have it.

Cost for everyday life exploded and living standard dropped.

For what? Only for the profits of ruling class.

The consequences of such a currency change go even further then we see in the first moment. The Euro is an effective mean for the leading imperialists of the EU-alliance to force countries to take political and economic measures they want as we see in Greece or Bulgaria.

The people of Czech Republic regret such tries. Surveys from October this year showed, that 85 percent of the people regret the installation of the Euro and more than 50 percent are totally sure in their decision.

This is a clear sign for any further sell out of the country and should motivate all democratic and anti imperialist forces in Europe to intensify and unite their struggles against the EU alliance.