GREECE - Metroworkers strike against privatication

This week the workers of Athens Metro held a 24 hour strike against the sale of the state owned Metro and several other state owned enterprises. The Greek government fulfills the demands of the IMF and the EU to demolish the state owned sector of economy. This development only helps the interests of the imperialists who are exploiting and oppressing the Greek people. It will only lead to mass dismissals, lower wages and over all lower living standards. Imperialist countries like the USA and Germany use the IMF and other institutions to put pressure on the greek economy so they are able to spend their own capitals and further overtake the country. The SYRIZA government plays the role of an assistant for the imperialist powers.

The population in greece struggles against this sort of aggression for years. They are a heroic example for many peoples in the world. But as long as Imperialism is opressing them the fitghting for reforms can only be a second grade battleground. The main fightingpoint is the struggle for national independence against the foreign imperialistic opression.