MEXICO: Growing distrust in the government

After the earthquake many Mexicans lost their homes and belongigns. To make matters worse businessess have also collapsed, are losing customers or are facing higher rents. People who cannot return home are living in tents with no realistic hopes of regaining their lives back. The low payments of the Natural Disaster Fund (Fonden) to victims of the earthquake, the bad managment of supplies by the governement and new allegations of corruption in constructions that may have contributed to a great number of deaths during the earthquake, have all added to a growing distrust in the government. As such, people have started taking matters into their own hands. The National Social Security Workers Union (SNTNSS in Spanish) has started giving out supplies on their own, knowing that if done through the government, these supplies would end up in warehouses or as handouts in future election campaigns. This is a clear example of how the people can and should get organized. While anti-corruption campaigns have made the government invest political activity money into aid for people affected by the earthquake, this money and aid could easily end up in the hands of the government again. The situation of the people in Mexico City remains the same: lost homes, lost sources of income, lost lives. It's time for the Mexican population to stand strong and unite during these most dire of times and show the government their exploitative agenda will not be tolerated and no longer be carried on the backs of the oppressed.

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