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Declaration - Georgi Dimitroff: A life in service of the Proletarian World Revolution!

December 31, 2019

On the 126th birthday of Chairman Mao Zedong: Upraise the red, indestructible flag of Maoism!

December 27, 2019

Long live the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese Revolution!

December 6, 2019

INTERNATIONAL - Report „International day against violence against women“

December 1, 2019

AUSTRIA - Statement on the International Day against Violence against Women

November 21, 2019

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December 21, 2019

We want to share an article by Incendiary News on happenings in New York this year during end of November.

Over the weekend, thousands took to the streets in Harlem, New York City to prote...

October 22, 2019

The people of Chile uprise against the police of the comprador bourgeoisie. In the last weeks, especially students protested against the increase of cost for public transportation. At the...

August 11, 2019

Russia will hold local elections in September. That has sparked big protests calling for „fair and free“ elections, because the government won‘t allow politicians from opposing parties to...