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AUSTRIA - Corona-pandemic and class struggle on the question of health care

April 4, 2020

INTERNATIONAL – 8th of March International Women‘s Day of Struggle

March 27, 2020

Declaration - Georgi Dimitroff: A life in service of the Proletarian World Revolution!

December 31, 2019

On the 126th birthday of Chairman Mao Zedong: Upraise the red, indestructible flag of Maoism!

December 27, 2019

Long live the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese Revolution!

December 6, 2019

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March 14, 2020

Following we document some impressions of the demonstrations in occasion of 8th of March in diferent cities in Germany:


"In the east a well attended, in accorda...

December 5, 2019


On the occasion of the 85th birthday of chairman Gonzalo, revolutionaries in Germany have made a spray action. This action was found on